With just four weeks left to play in the regular season, every result matters and nearly every game has playoff implications of some sort.

The action kicks off on Thursday Night Football, where Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers have a chance to clinch the NFC West with a win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Week 15 features three Saturday games, highlighted by a primetime AFC East matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills in snowy Buffalo.

On Sunday, the 6-7 Detroit Lions and 7-6 New York Jets will both look to boost their playoff odds, while the 7-6 Tennessee Titans and 7-6 Los Angeles Chargers square off in an important AFC afternoon matchup.

Perhaps the most consequential game of the week is the Sunday Night Football matchup: with the New York Giants and Washington Commanders putting their identical 7-5-1 records to the test. Because of their tie a couple weeks ago, the winner of this matchup could earn a key head-to-head tiebreaker, as well as a much-needed win in an increasingly tight NFC wildcard race.

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Picks Record

Week 1: 7-8-1

Week 2: 8-8

Week 3: 9-7

Week 4: 11-5

Week 5: 12-4

Week 6: 6-8

Week 7: 9-5

Week 8: 9-6

Week 9: 8-5

Week 10: 5-9

Week 11: 9-5

Week 12: 12-4

Week 13: 7-7-1

Week 14: 7-6

Season Record: 119-87-2 (58%)

Thursday Night Football

Saturday Games

Indianapolis Colts (4-8-1) at Minnesota Vikings (10-3): Vikings win 28-18

Baltimore Ravens (9-4) at Cleveland Browns (5-8): Ravens win 26-20

Miami Dolphins (8-5) at Buffalo Bills (10-3): Bills win 20-16

Sunday Games

Detroit Lions (6-7) at New York Jets (7-6): Lions win 26-23

Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) at Chicago Bears (3-10): Eagles win 30-17

Atlanta Falcons (5-8) at New Orleans Saints (4-9): Saints win 24-17

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) at Carolina Panthers (5-8): Steelers win 27-20

Dallas Cowboys (10-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8): Cowboys win 30-27

Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) at Houston Texans (1-11-1): Chiefs win 34-10

Arizona Cardinals (4-9) at Denver Broncos (3-10): Cardinals win 24-16

New England Patriots (7-6) at Las Vegas Raiders (5-8): Raiders win 24-23

Tennessee Titans (7-6) at Los Angeles Chargers (7-6): Chargers win 27-20

Cincinnati Bengals (9-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7): Bengals win 34-26

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants (7-5-1) at Washington Commanders (7-5-1): Giants win 26-20

Monday Night Football

Los Angeles Rams (4-9) at Green Bay Packers (5-8): Packers win 26-20




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Header Photo Credits: Al Bello/Getty Images

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