The 2022-23 NFL season is officially nine weeks through its 18-week season: how do the league’s 32 teams stack up so far and right now?

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Post-Week 9 Power Rankings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-0) [Last Week: 2]
    • The Philadelphia Eagles sweat it out a little more than anticipated against the Texans, carrying a narrow 29-17 lead in to the fourth quarter, but prevailed nonetheless to improve their undefeated start to 8-0. With a full two more wins than any other team in the league, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles have finally earned a spot atop my Power Rankings for the first time this season.
  2. Buffalo Bills (6-2) [Last Week: 1]
    • After topping these Power Rankings for eight straight weeks to start the season, Josh Allen (2 Rush TD, 2 INT) and the Buffalo Bills fall to #2 after a surprising 20-17 loss to the Jets. Buffalo’s lead in the AFC East is just half a game now, and the Bills are now tied with the Chiefs for the best record in the AFC.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) [Last Week: 3]
    • It was an ugly win in many ways, entering the fourth quarter facing a 17-9 deficit and having Patrick Mahomes toss a career-high 68 attempts with just one touchdown pass, but the Kansas City Chiefs found a way to win, beating the Titans 20-17 in overtime on Sunday Night Football to improve to 6-2.
  4. Dallas Cowboys (6-2) [Last Week: 4]
    • The Dallas Cowboys had a bye in Week 9 after a huge 49-29 win over the Bears in Week 8. Dallas will be tested over the next three weeks with matchups against the Packers and Vikings on the road before returning home to host the Giants on Thanksgiving Day.
  5. Minnesota Vikings (7-1) [Last Week: 5]
    • The Minnesota Vikings were on the ropes on the road against the Commanders, but Kirk Cousins led the team to a 20-17 fourth quarter comeback win to push Minnesota’s hot start to 7-1.
  6. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) [Last Week: 6]
    • After suffering some tough early-season losses, the Baltimore Ravens are heating up with three straight wins, including Week 9’s 27-13 Monday Night Football win over the Saints.
  7. Tennessee Titans (5-3) [Last Week: 7]
    • While the Tennessee Titans ultimately fell 20-17 in overtime, holding the Chiefs that close on the road, with a rookie quarterback making his second NFL start (and in spite of the fact that Malik Willis completed just five of his 16 pass attempts,) is impressive enough to secure Tennessee’s #7 spot for another week. After all, it was the Titans first loss after five straight victories, and it was as close a loss as can be.
  8. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) [Last Week: 9]
    • The Seattle Seahawks beat the Cardinals 31-21 in Arizona for their fourth straight win. Geno Smith (26-34, 275 yards, 2 TD) and Kenneth Walker III (26 carries, 109 yards, 2 TD) led Seattle’s offense to 21 second half points, and the Seahawks jump out to a 1.5 game lead in the NFC West.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) [Last Week: 10]
    • The Cincinnati Bengals offense put on a master class at home against the Panthers, jumping out to a 35-0 lead by halftime, with running back Joe Mixon scoring four of his five total touchdowns in the first half. Cincinnati ultimately won 42-21 to improve to 5-4.
  10. New York Jets (6-3) [Last Week: 14]
    • Robert Saleh and the New York Jets regrouped after last week’s disappointing 22-17 loss to the Patriots with a gritty 20-17 upset win over the visiting Bills in Week 9. Don’t look now, but Zach Wilson the 6-3 Jets are a half game off the best record in the AFC at the season’s halfway point.
  1. Miami Dolphins (6-3) [Last Week: 11]
    • Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins easily have Top Ten-potential, but in a loaded crowd, Miami falls just outside the Top Ten. I’d like to see the Dolphins beat teams like Detroit and Chicago with a little more conviction, but a win is a win, and Miami is now 6-1 when Tua starts this season.
  2. New York Giants (6-2) [Last Week: 8]
    • The New York Giants had a bye in Week 9, and may be falling a little unfairly, as a result of other teams being rewarded for wins. The Giants have the Texans and Lions at home over the next two weeks: an easy segway to their eighth win of the season, with only nine or ten likely necessary to qualify for the playoffs.
  3. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3) [Last Week: 13]
    • Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler, Jordan Palmer (8 catches for 106 yards) and the Los Angeles Chargers outlasted the Falcons 20-17 for their fifth win of the season, but the team still hasn’t found its second gear.
  4. San Francisco 49ers (4-4) [Last Week: 12]
    • The San Francisco 49ers also had a bye in Week 9, and with an even 4-4 record and Christian McCaffrey on the team now, a second half run from Jimmy Garoppolo and company is quite possible.
  5. New England Patriots (5-4) [Last Week: 18]
    • The New England Patriots embarrassed the Colts with a 26-3 victory, but I don’t buy the hype for New England despite the winning record. The Patriots’ five wins have come over the Steelers, Lions, Browns, Jets, and Colts, with only one team holding a winning record (New York) in that batch.
  6. Atlanta Falcons (4-5) [Last Week: 15]
    • The Atlanta Falcons defense couldn’t hold on late, spoiling a shot at winning record and the outright lead of the NFC South, as the Falcons lost 20-17 in a surprisingly tight game.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) [Last Week: 19]
    • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored just 9 points through 59 minutes against the Rams, but Tom Brady (36-of-58, 280 yards, 1 TD) engineered a literal last-minute comeback to dispatch Los Angeles 16-13. Tampa Bay is tied for first place in the NFC South now, and despite their early season struggles, if Brady can keep the team afloat and sneak in to the postseason, the Buccaneers can still do damage at that time.
  8. Washington Commanders (4-5) [Last Week: 20]
    • The Washington Commanders lost for the first time in four weeks, and nearly had the Vikings cornered in their 20-17 Week 9 loss.
  9. New Orleans Saints (3-6) [Last Week: 16]
    • The Ravens smothered Andy Dalton and the New Orleans Saints offense in their 27-13 Monday Night Football win.
  10. Los Angeles Rams (3-5) [Last Week: 22]
    • Confusion and disappointment continued as themes of the Los Angeles Rams’ 2022-23 season, this week dropping a game 16-13 to the Buccaneers in the literal final minute. The defending Super Bowl champions have now lost four of their last five games, and trail the NFC West-leading Seahawks by three games in the win column.
  11. Arizona Cardinals (3-6) [Last Week: 21]
    • Speaking of disappointing, the Arizona Cardinals also dropped their fourth game in five weeks, losing 31-21 in to Seattle in a crucial NFC West matchup.
  12. Cleveland Browns (3-5) [Last Week: 23]
    • The Cleveland Browns had a bye in Week 9, and are presumably a few weeks away from Deshaun Watson’s return.
  13. Green Bay Packers (3-6) [Last Week: 17]
    • The Green Bay Packers are in absolute freefall mode after a 15-9 loss to the Lions in which Aaron Rodgers tossed three interceptions. Green Bay is now a whopping 4.5 games behind Minnesota with eight games left to play, and losing Davante Adams is looking worse and worse by the week.
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) [Last Week: 26]
    • Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne Jr. (28 carries, 109 yards, 2 TD) and the Jacksonville Jaguars rallied from a 17-0 deficit to beat the Raiders 27-20, putting Las Vegas in a 2-6 hole that will probably be too deep to get out off.
  15. Chicago Bears (3-6) [Last Week: 29]
    • The Chicago Bears lost 35-32 to the Dolphins in an electric game where Justin Fields set the regular season record for rushing yards by a quarterback (178.)
  1. Detroit Lions (2-6) [Last Week: 30]
    • Just as I thought the Detroit Lions were failing to give hard times any more, Detroit went out and sucker punched the Packers with a wacky 19-5 win, picking off Rodgers three times.
  2. Denver Broncos (3-5) [Last Week: 28]
    • The Denver Broncos are coming off a bye week preceded by a London win over the Jaguars in Week 8. At 3-5, anything over than three wins over the next three weeks against the Titans, Raiders, and Panthers (before much tougher matchups with the Ravens and Chiefs) will probably ensure Russell Wilson doesn’t make the playoffs in his first season in Denver.
  3. Las Vegas Raiders (2-6) [Last Week: 25]
    • I was apologetic with the Las Vegas Raiders for far too long. Blowing a 17-0 lead against the Jaguars wasn’t a fluke at this point: its to be expected of the defense. It’s just a shame with how electric the connection is between Derek Carr and Davante Adams (10 receptions, 146 yrds, 2 TD.)
  4. Carolina Panthers (2-7) [Last Week: 27]
    • The Carolina Panthers 42-21 loss to the Bengals doesn’t even look as bad as their 35-0 halftime deficit.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) [Last Week: 31]
    • The Pittsburgh Steelers had a bye in Week 9, and have lost six of their last seven games. Still don’t understand how that win over the Buccaneers happened.
  6. Houston Texans (1-6-1) [Last Week: 32]
    • The Houston Texans put up a decent fight on Thursday Night Football against the Eagles, trailing just 21-17 heading in to the fourth quarter before losing 29-17.
  7. Indianapolis Colts (3-5-1) [Last Week: 24]
    • The Sam Ehlinger-era is off to a laughably bad start, as the Indianapolis Colts lost 26-3 to the Patriots in Week 9.




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