The 2022-23 NFL season rages on in Week 5, with the season’s quarter-way mark falling somewhere between Weeks 4 and 5 of the 18-week season.

In Week 5, the 3-1 New York Giants take on the 3-1 Green Bay Packers in London in an early fight for the NFC pecking order. Elsewhere in the conference, Jalen Hurts and the 4-0 Philadelphia Eagles travel West to defend their perfect record against Kyler Murray and the 2-2 Arizona Cardinals. Finally, the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys will look to put the 2-2 defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams in an even deeper hole to start the season.

In the AFC, it’s all about primetime. The 1-2-1 Indianapolis Colts and 2-2 Denver Broncos will each look to right their ships on Thursday Night Football. On Sunday Night Football, Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson will go head-to-head for the first time this season as the 2-2 Cincinnati Bengals and 2-2 Baltimore Ravens fight for the the AFC North lead. And to close out Week 5, the 1-3 Las Vegas Raiders will try to build momentum and put themselves just one game off the division lead, if they can beat Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

Picks Record

Week 1: 7-8-1

Week 2: 8-8

Week 3: 9-7

Week 4: 11-5

Season Record: 35-28-1 (56%)

As team identities begin to take shape, picking games gets a little easier, as evidenced by my upward trajectory.

Exact Score Predictions Last Week: Bengals (27 points+win), Packers (27 points+win), Colts (17 points+loss)

Very Close Predictions: Titans 23-17 over Colts (actual: 24-17), Ravens over Bills by three points

Week 4 Picks

Thursday Night Football

Sunday Day Games

London Game: New York Giants (3-1) at Green Bay Packers (3-1): Packers win 27-17

Miami Dolphins (3-1) at New York Jets (2-2): Dolphins win 24-17, even in Tua Tagovailoa’s absence

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3) at Buffalo Bills (3-1): Bills win 28-13

Los Angeles Chargers (2-2) at Cleveland Browns (2-2): Chargers win 31-26

Chicago Bears (2-2) at Minnesota Vikings (3-1): Vikings win 24-12

Detroit Lions (1-3) at New England Patriots (1-3): Lions win 30-17

Seattle Seahawks (2-2) at New Orleans Saints (1-3): Saints win 26-23

Atlanta Falcons (2-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2): Buccaneers win 24-17

Houston Texans (0-3-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2): Texans win 16-13

Tennessee Titans (2-2) at Washington Commanders (1-3): Titans win 27-23

San Francisco 49ers (2-2) at Carolina Panthers (1-3): 49ers win 27-18

Dallas Cowboys (3-1) at Los Angeles Rams (2-2): Rams win 30-23

Philadelphia Eagles (4-0) at Arizona Cardinals (2-2): Eagles win 31-27

Sunday Night Football

Sak Sports Blog Game of the Week: Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) at Baltimore Ravens (2-2): This is a big AFC North matchup that will establish the early top-dog for the division on Sunday Night Football. Despite the team’s identical records, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have played much better this season: but that wont matter if Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals can can win their third in a row. Baltimore’s defense specifically needs to step up here to get a key win in Week 5. Ravens win 27-23.

Monday Night Football

Las Vegas Raiders (1-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (3-1): Chiefs win 33-23




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