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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Launches for Nintendo Switch

Do you remember searching the internet for any sliver of information on an upcoming game? Watching trailers over and over, dissecting every piece of information available? How about simply counting down the days to a game’s release, daydreaming of eventually playing out? The typical waiting game was cut out almost completely for the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars on […]

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Fortnite 8.1 Update: Hamster Balls, Switch Players Pooled with Mobile

Fortnite has updated to version 8.1, and as always, the patch notes are lengthy. The headliner is the previously announced vehicle “The Baller.” The hamster ball-like object allows a great range of fast movement. It can release a grappler, as well as boost, making scaling mountains or avoiding enemies both not difficult and also exciting. After attaching the grappler to say, […]

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced: What We Know

The Pokemon Direct was abruptly announced on February 26, and the following morning, Generation 8 of the mainline Pokemon RPG series was unveiled for the first time. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been announced for the Nintendo Switch for a late 2019 release. Speculating, it would make a lot of sense in a somewhat typical late November slot. The first glance at […]

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Nintendo Switch Direct 2/13: Predictions and Wild Wishes

After weeks of anticipation, rumors, and false predictions, the longest drought between Nintendo Directs won’t last much longer. The last full Nintendo Direct (not game-based or Indie reel) was on September 13, 2018, but Nintendo announced early on Tuesday that they would be broadcasting the following day. The presentation will take place on February 13, 2019 at 2 PM PT […]

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Free-to-Play Dr. Mario World Coming to Mobile Devices Summer 2019

Nintendo had success with Super Mario Run on mobile devices, a dedicated community for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and have already announced a mobile version of their popular Mario Kart series. Today, the company announced a new, free-to-play Dr. Mario game with optional in-game transactions: Dr. Mario World. The doctor is in! Mario puts on the white coat once again […]

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Metroid Prime 4 Being Developed By Retro Studios, Delayed Indefinitely

Metroid Prime 4 was set to be a part of a star-studded 2019 Nintendo Switch lineup after being announced by Nintendo in 2017. However, an development update provided by senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi announced that progress on the game has been restarted, with Retro Studios taking over. The news comes as bitter-sweet to many Metroid fans, who have […]