It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 weeks already, but the final week of the 2022-23 NFL regular season is upon us.

Following Damar Hamlin’s tragic injury on Monday Night Football, players around the league will be tasked with taking the field with the scary situation in the back of their heads. UPDATE 1/5: Hamlin’s progress fortunately seems to be trending in the right direction.

There’s plenty on the line in Week 18, from division titles and conference seeding to teams just flat out trying to secure themselves a playoff spot. From Saturday’s AFC South championship between Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Josh Dobbs and the Tennessee Titans, to a potential winner-take-all Sunday Night Football game between Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions and Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers for the final NFC wildcard spot, there’s tons of drama to be found.

Read on for my Week 18 NFL Picks. If you’d like to debate or discuss any picks, or want to follow for more weekly NFL content including Picks and Power Rankings, be sure to connect with Sak Sports Blog on Twitter or on Facebook!

Picks Record

Week 1: 7-8-1

Week 2: 8-8

Week 3: 9-7

Week 4: 11-5

Week 5: 12-4

Week 6: 6-8

Week 7: 9-5

Week 8: 9-6

Week 9: 8-5

Week 10: 5-9

Week 11: 9-5

Week 12: 12-4

Week 13: 7-7-1

Week 14: 7-6

Week 15: 13-3

Week 16: 11-5

Week 17: 7-8

Season Record: 150-103-2 (59%)

Saturday Games

Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) at Las Vegas Raiders (6-10): Chiefs win 30-23, wrapping up an impressive 14-3 season

Tennessee Titans (7-9) at Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8): Jaguars win 24-20 at home, clinching the AFC South in this winner-take-all matchup

Sunday Games

Baltimore Ravens (10-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (11-4): Bengals win 27-17, clinching the AFC North

New England Patriots (8-8) at Buffalo Bills (12-3)*: No pick until the status of Bills-Bengals is decided and Damar Hamlin is medically okay

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8) at Atlanta Falcons (6-10): Buccaneers win 26-17

Minnesota Vikings (12-4) at Chicago Bears (3-13): Vikings win 27-20

Houston Texans (2-13-1) at Indianapolis Colts (4-11-1): Texans win 20-6

New York Jets (7-9) at Miami Dolphins (8-8): Dolphins win 24-17

Carolina Panthers (6-10) at New Orleans Saints (7-9): Saints win 27-26

Cleveland Browns (7-9) at Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8): Steelers win 30-20

Los Angeles Chargers (10-6) at Denver Broncos (4-12): Chargers win 33-26

New York Giants (9-6-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (13-3): Eagles win 23-16

Arizona Cardinals (4-12) at San Francisco 49ers (12-4): 49ers win 36-17

Los Angeles Rams (5-11) at Seattle Seahawks (8-8): Seahawks win 27-17, staying alive in the NFC wildcard race, pending the result of Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys (12-4) at Washington Commanders (7-8-1): Cowboys win 27-17

Sunday Night Football

Detroit Lions (8-8) at Green Bay Packers (8-8): Lions win 27-24, blocking Aaron Rodgers and the Packers from a postseason berth. In this scenario, Detroit fails to make the playoffs as well, due to Seattle’s win earlier in the day, but I expect the Lions to give Green Bay their best shot either way.




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