On the eve of the NBA’s 2020 trade deadline, reports started to break that the Miami Heat would acquire former Finals MVP Andre Iguodala from the Memphis Grizzlies.

This was the first piece of news to break, shortly followed by the news Justice Winslow would be heading to Memphis as part of the trade. Even with details waiting to be finalized, Iguodala would agree to terms on a 2-year, $30 million extension that same night.

The Heat, looking to make a deep playoff run this season, also looked into the possibility of acquiring Danilo Gallinari from the Oklahoma City Thunder. While it briefly looked like this would be the case, in a three-team trade, the Thunder no longer appeared to be involved in this particular trade.

On Thursday, shortly after noon Eastern Time, Adrian Wojnarowski broke the new terms of the finalized deal.

Miami receives Andre Iguodala, Solomon Hill, and Jae Crowder

Memphis receives Justice Winslow, Dion Waiters, and James Johnson

The two teams ultimately swap three players each, with no draft picks involved. For the Heat, all three players should be part of a playoff rotation. Iguodala could be rusty, but if he can provide some solid defensive minutes and a few points here and there in the playoffs, Miami could become a more dangerous team.

The Grizzlies long-term outlook looks promising with Winslow and Johnson on the roster. Waiters is obviously a wildcard, with his availability on the court in question, but when he’s healthy and everything is clicking, he’s an electric player.

Header Photo Credit: Chris Szagola/Associated Press

Bradley Beal, Devin Booker
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