Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made his name as an NFL star under the bright lights and media pressure that comes with playing in New York. In five seasons with the New York Giants, Beckham was playing at nothing short of a Hall of Fame pace, tallying 390 catches, 5,476 yards, and 44 touchdowns during his tenure in the Big Apple.

The Giants shocked the NFL world last spring when they traded Beckham to the Cleveland Browns for a package including safety Jabril Peppers. It was a confusing time for Giants fans, as the team still had talent and wasn’t committing to a full rebuild.

After missing sixteen games between the 2017 and 2018 regular seasons, Beckham was finally able to stay healthy for a full season in Cleveland. His numbers: 74 catches, 1,035 yards, and four touchdowns, would be eye-popping on any other team. But for a player of Beckham’s caliber, his offensive production felt pedestrian at best.

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With the Cleveland Browns being, well, the Cleveland Browns, rumors have swirled that Beckham could find himself on his third team in three seasons in 2020.

While Beckham and his camp aren’t actively seeking a trade, the wideout added fuel to the fire by calling the New York Jets “an ideal landing spot.” This rumor comes from a trusted, anonymous NFL source, reported via Sports Illustrated.com.

The Jets have issues all around their roster, so just like adding Le’Veon Bell last offseason, inserting Beckham into the lineup wouldn’t guarantee any immediate success. But if the Jets can get the wide receiver for a reasonable price, he would be an explosive weapon to add to the offensive gameplan and build around Sam Darnold.

Beckham was originally acquired by the Browns for a first-round pick (#17 overall,) third-round pick (#96 overall,) and safety Jabril Peppers. With Beckham’s value slightly down after one season with the Browns, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns would part with the wide receiver for a second-round pick and some other compensation. However, if a bidding war for Beckham’s services ensues, the price could be driven up to a 1st-round pick.

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Should the Jets explore a trade for Odell Beckham Jr.? Could the electric wide receiver really call MetLife Stadium home once again, and could it revitalize his career? How many games would the Jets win with an offensive trio of Sam Darnold, Beckham, and Le’Veon Bell?

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