After releasing an over-saturated Culture II in January 2018, Migos wisely took a year off from releasing an album as a group, with solo projects and Quality Control Vol. 2 filling the gap along the way to Culture III, expected to release in 2020.

Presumably the lead single, “Give No Fvk” was released on February 14 with two huge features: Young Thug and Travis Scott. Thugger is coming off an impressive release and re-release of his album So Much Fun. Travis Scott features rarely miss. Getting all three artists/groups on the same song would seem like a no-brainer for an early 2020 banger of the year candidate.

Unfortunately, the song doesn’t hit the mark that you might expect. Collaborations between a combination of these artists have previously produced hits like “Pick Up the Phone” and “Cocaina” as well as album cuts like “Oh My Dis Side” and “Kelly Price.”

“Give No Fvk” doesn’t hit the mark as either a potential radio or fan favorite. It doesn’t do anything horrible, but it offers very little given the All-Star lineup.

Somewhat predictably, the “Migos” section of the song is relegated to the first verse, to accommodate for the five artists that appear on the song. At their best, this is an effective way to take advantage of the Migos three rapping styles. But with just four bars each, the verse fails to impress. I liked Takeoff’s flow the most, but just as it started to hit stride, he disappeared for the rest of the song.

Young Thug’s verse is about what you’d expect from the Atlanta rapper. It still feels pretty brief, and in that time, Young Thug doesn’t deliver any especially memorable lines.

The third and final verse, delivered by Travis Scott, is easily the best. It’s the nicest on the ears, with Travis’s soothing auto-tuned voice floating over the beat. The verse has the most substance as well, with longer bars fitting the song’s theme of living life at the top.

I neglected to mention the chorus so far, but I’m hardly saving the best for last.

[Chorus: Quavo] [From]
We don’t give no fuck (No)
We don’t give no fuck (Fuck shit)
We don’t give no fuck (No)
We don’t give no fuck (Fuck shit)
Out in public (Public)
And we run shit (Run shit)
Out in public (Public)
And we run shit (Get right)
I got too many diamonds on, I look awesome (Ice, get right)
Yeah, after I hit that ho, she need a walker (Smash, get right, uh)
I done shook them problems off, now I’m bossin’ (Woo, get right)
Yeah, stack the money tall, back to ballin’ (Get right)

Now obviously Quavo and company aren’t going for Pulitzer’s when they pen their choruses. But, “I got too many diamonds on, I look awesome”? C’mon. The braggadocios tone is to be expected, but the chorus completely lacks good lyrics.

Quavo gets a little help on the chorus with ad-lbs from Takeoff and Travis Scott, with Scott’s synthesized hums and sounds doing a fair job at making the end of the song a bit more interesting.

I could definitely see the chorus being fun live, so I’ll give it that.

Lastly, I wasn’t in love with the beat. The synth-heavy, techno beat doesn’t really suit the artists styles. I think Takeoff rode the beat the best, but overall the song could have benefited from a better beat selection.

“Give No Fvk” isn’t the worst song ever, but given the expectations based on names alone, and the fact that it serves as the lead-hype single for Culture III, the song falls a bit flat.

Score: 4.5/10

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Not everyone was dissapointed by the song though.

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