About an hour ahead of the start of the NBA’s legal trading period, the Houston Chronicle officially broke the news of a rumor that had circulated over the weekend. All-Star guard James Harden reportedly wants out of the Houston after eight seasons with the Rockets franchise.

While Harden is still under contract and can’t control where he will play next season, he’s apparently made his preferred destination clear: he wants to play with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Jordan on the Brooklyn Nets.

In the era where two or more All-Stars teaming up is quite common, Harden to the Brooklyn Nets would still shake up the league in a major way. The super trio of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant would arguably be the best three-player combination in the NBA today. From an offensive standpoint, it could be one of the best trios the league has ever seen.

This does raise an early concern, however: how will there be enough shots to go around? Though Irving and Harden have ran the point for their teams in the past, both players like to get involved in shooting early and often. Durant is also a very high-volume shooter, begging the question: how will all three players get an adequate number of shots and stay happy with their situation?

Brooklyn would likely have to give up a hefty haul to pry Harden away from Houston. Besides draft picks, reasonable capital could include Caris Lavert, Jarrett Allen, and Spencer Dinwiddie. The Nets would have to sacrifice their young core and future draft prospects to go all-in on a historic trio right now.

With the trade rumors swirling and quickly developing, Harden could be on the move as early as today, the first day NBA trades can be officially processed. Stay tuned to Sak Sports Blog on Twitter for updates.






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Header Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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