With positive COVID-19 cases continuing to ravage NBA rosters in late December, the Boston Celtics are calling back a familiar face to join the team on a 10-day contract: seven-time All-Star and Top 50 all-time scorer Joe Johnson.

Johnson, 40, was originally drafted by the Celtics 10th overall in the 2001 NBA Draft, playing just one season for the team. Johnson is best known for his tenure with the Atlanta Hawks, where he earned six of his seven All-Star selections, as well as for his success playing isolation offense, earning the nickname “Iso Joe.”

Johnson was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2012, where he played four seasons and earned his final All-Star selection. He was traded again in 2016, at the trade deadline to the Miami Heat, and played his final meaningful seasons with the Utah Jazz before closing his NBA career with 23 games on the Houston Rockets roster.

Johnson hasn’t played a professional basketball game since 2018, but the Celtics will reportedly put the former All-Star to work right away, given the roster circumstances. Johnson is expected to suit up on Wednesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers with seven players in health and safety protocols.

Will Johnson have an impact on the game, or is Boston just getting a healthy body with NBA experience on their bench? Johnson’s return to the NBA will likely be short-lived, so enjoy it while you can, basketball fans.




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Header Photo: Acquired via FTW/USA Today

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