If superhero movies, and specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have taught us anything, just because a character is dead, gone, or their arc is otherwise completed, there is always a way to bring them back.

After over half a dozen appearances in the MCU, Chris Evans’ Captain America character received closure at the end of Avengers: Endgame. He even appeared to pass the mantle of Captain America down to Sam Wilson, and as far as the viewer was concerned, his story ended as he lived out the life that he never got to.

UPDATE 1/15/21: Apparently, we may have spoken too soon, as the actor tweeted this was “news to him” as well. I wouldn’t completely write off the possibility, but it’s a lot less likely now.

Despite tying up the Steve Rogers/Captain America arc, Marvel Studios is in talks to bring Evans back to the MCU as of 2021. Details are scarce and the news is far from set in stone, but with Marvel open to the idea of bringing back Steve Rogers, I don’t see why it wouldn’t eventually happen. Money talks, and Marvel/Disney showed they were willing to go to great lengths in negotiations with the Sony/Spider-Man fiasco.

One thing that has become clear: future installments in the Captain America series with Evans playing the starring role seem unlikely. Rather, Evans would likely appear in Avengers-type movies and perhaps pop up in the films of other franchises. Robert Downey Jr. last starred in a solo Iron Man film in 2013: yet was still in the forefront of the MCU in the Avengers films, as a lead in Captain America: Civil War, and as an instrumental character in the MCU’s take on the Spider-Man franchise. With so much history behind him already, I wouldn’t expect Evans to be quite as involved or focal as Downey’s Iron Man was for the last decade. But Iron Man’s usage and popularity despite not having a solo film in quite some time (the same can be said about the Hulk) shows how Marvel can get use out of characters without giving them their own films.

Evans could also potentially pop-up in future made-for-TV series, such as future seasons of The Falcon and the Winter Solider. Or, Marvel Studios could throw a curveball and use Evans in a unique capacity: think alternate timelines, new flashbacks, or anything else filmmakers could throw at us.

How do you feel about the news Evans could be returning to the MCU as Captain America? Does any character really have closure any more in this film franchise? To join the conversation, feel free to join us on Twitter @MCUHub.






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Header Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

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