With the number of players within the Miami Marlins organization testing positive for COVID-19 rising to 15, Major League Baseball has temporarily sidelined the seasons of the Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies hosted the Marlins for a three-game weekend series, in which Miami took the field Sunday afternoon fully aware of the coronavirus spreading within their clubhouse.

Initially, this delayed the Marlins departure from Philadelphia, as well as their series with the Baltimore Orioles. The Phillies first game of a four-game home-and-home series against the New York Yankees was slated to begin Monday night before being postponed.

On Tuesday, the league decided to isolate both teams for the time being. Fortunately, no positive tests came back on Tuesday within the Phillies organization. While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of the virus spreading to the Phillies clubhouse, as COVID-19 can take a few days to incubate before showing a positive test, it was still an encouraging first return.

The four-game set against the Yankees will be postponed in its entirety. Philadelphia will be allowed to take the field on Friday, beginning a three-game set against the Toronto Blue Jays. However, as the Blue Jays are not permitted to play MLB games in Canada, the series will actually take place in Philadelphia, at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies will be the road team, batting first, in this series due to the unique circumstances.

Should the Phillies tests continue to come back negative, aided by the fact they won’t have to leave Philadelphia, the series may be able to begin on a time. In another quirk, first pitch is scheduled for 6:37 PM ET: a typical Blue Jays home game start time, but about a half hour earlier than the Phillies start their home night games. The same first pitch time holds on Saturday, followed by a 3:07 PM ET start on Sunday.

The Miami Marlins, in addition to temporarily cancelling their series with the Baltimore Orioles, will be sidelined for the weekend as well, postponing their next series with the Washington Nationals.

The Marlins next scheduled game is against the Phillies on August 4. Miami would face off against Philadelphia for the first six games of their season.


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