After a successful test run that took place last fall in Los Angeles markets, Denny’s has added the Beyond Burger to their menu nationwide as part of their upgraded menu for 2020.

While the menu did already feature a veggie patty as an option for the Build Your Own Burger, the Beyond Burger comes to the menu as a full-fledged, plant-based option. Denny’s warns the cheese and all-american sauce included on the burger are not plant-based or vegan, but guests can request they be removed. The burger is vegan with the removal of the cheese and sauce.

When announcing the partnership in October, Denny’s Chief Brand Officer  John Dillon said ” We could not be more excited to announce this game-changing partnership with Beyond Meat. As a company, we strive to evolve with the tastes and demands of our customers and we knew to find a plant-based option that met our incredibly high-quality standards and taste expectations was critical in staying at the top of our game.”

Although Denny’s does make strides by adding the Beyond Burger, “It should be noted that due to cooking procedures, the Beyond Burger patty may come in contact with animal-based products or ingredients and might not be 100 percent plant-based.” according to While Denny’s is committed to adding plant-based options, they come short of accommodation for those who desire no contact with animal products.

The Beyond Burger is available nationwide as of January 2020. Prices may vary but the burger is set to go for $10.99 and come with a side, such as french fries, hashbrowns, or a vegetable like the newly-added roasted brusselsprouts. Any of the existing burgers can also be upgraded to a Beyond patty for $1.99.

Header photo credit: Denny’s

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