London-born, Maryland-based musician IDK will be releasing “IDK and Friends 2” tonight, a companion soundtrack to Kevin Durant’s documentary “Basketball County”. The release will follow “IDK and Friends :)”, a collaborative mixtape the rapper self-released in November 2018.

The follow-up is set to be just as, if not more, loaded than the first, with an expansive list of vocalists and producers announced on IDK’s Twitter.

With a good mix of big names as well as rawer, up and coming rappers, the collection should be musically varied.

By the looks of the guest features, recently released singles “Mazel Tov” (with A$AP Ferg) and “495” (with Rico Nasty, Big Flock, Yung Manny, Big Jam, and Wensey), will land on the project’s tracklist.

For die-hard IDK fans, the project will bridge the gap between Is He Real?, the rapper-singer’s first studio album which released in September 2019, and U See 4 Yourself., his next full-length bout.

Personally, I consider IDK one of hip-hops hidden gems. He has all the makings of a masterful musician: superior story-telling ability, smooth execution both rapping and singing, the ability to take on so many different music styles, and to bring different artists together. He’s also adept to interpolation, weaving memorable songs and flows into his art. Kanye West has definitely had an influence on IDK, apparent by both IDK’s style and his frequent interpolation of West’s work.

I’m excited to listen to “IDK and Friends 2” when it releases on June 26, 2020.

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